Cloud LED Lamp





Introduction: Cloud LED Lamp

This is a very fun project that can be done in only few hours. It can work as a night light or decoration.


Glue gun
Glue sticks
Paper lanterns
LED strip
Fishing line
Extension cord (Optional)

Step 1: Making Clouds

Build the lanterns.

Start glueing the stuffing to the lantern. (Two person team makes this step faster.) (Do NOT cover the top hole.)

Once you have your clouds tied them together in your desire shape.

Insert your LED strip and test the it works.

Step 2: Look Up to the Clouds

Use a hook to hang your cloud.

Use an extension cord if necessary to plug your new cloud.


(Try to hide the cords for a better look.)

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This was such a fun project and my daughter loves it. Thank you!


1 year ago

I went for the classic look with warm white LED and added a little sprinkle

16, 9:03 PM.jpg

How big of lanterns did you use? I've seen a range of sizes on Amazon and I'm having a hard time visualizing it at the moment. Brilliant idea for a much easier and more affordable project than I've seen! Thanks!

All hail the glow cloud!

Creative and excellent tutorial! Where did you purchase the led strip? Does led strip come plug-unready? I have no knowledge of those things!

4 replies

I got the led strips from e-bay. They were about $11.99 a piece.(It already includes remote and 12v plug.)

Thank you very much. I appreciate the heads-up and will check ebay.

You can get them many places.. if you want to DIY with arduino and stuff.. Adafruit has things there.. or you could possibly get something like this:

Thank you very much! I am going to check the places you recommended and try to get the courage to try this myself.

Awesome, beautiful...your ideas really make me want to start creating things again! Where can I find cheap lanterns?

2 replies

Check on your local party store. They are really cheap and you can get a set of 5 for around $10.00.

If you guys make a cloud, post some pics of it here!! I would like to see them!!

Awesome project! I'm about to throw one of these up in my new house, but going to make it take up a significant portion of the sealing. To give me an idea of how much LED light strip to get. About how much LED strip length did you put into each lantern?

1 reply

For this tutorial I used the whole LED strip, but it is not necessary to do the whole strip, I just don't have a use for the rest of the LED at this moment. You can probably just do about half of the strip.

Those look amazing! How long did they take to build?

Have a great day! :-)

1 reply


I can't wait to make it :)


2 years ago

where's the care bear to go with it?