Cloud and Rain Earrings: How to Make





Introduction: Cloud and Rain Earrings: How to Make

How to make Cloud and rain earrings.It's easy and funny.And low cost too.I used foam sheets and cotton so obviously it's light weight.

What you need for this project:

1) cotton

2) crystal beads

3) jump rings

4) fish hook ear wires findings

5) white foam sheet

6) light blue cotton thread

7) glue

Step 1: Making Earring

At first, we need to draw a cloud on the white foam sheet.Then we need to cut the foam sheet in a cloud shape.

Then we need to make a small hole using pin upper side of the cloud.Then we need attach the fish hook finding to the cloud using a jump ring.And now using a pin we need to make small 3 holes downside of the cloud.

Step 2: Making Rain Drops

Now base earring is ready. we need to make the rain. So for this rain drops, I used crystal clear beads and for hanging the drops I used light blue cotton thread. First, take one crystal bead and put into the thread then make a knot. Then cut the thread about 2inch long. So we need 3 crystal dangles. Then we need to insert that thread into that hole we made in the downside of the cloud and tie knot. Now it looks like rain. ;)

Step 3: Final Stage:Making Cloud

Now we need to finish the cloud. So I used a cotton ball for the cloud look. I cut the cotton ball into very tiny

pieces and make it roll/ball. then using glue I stick all the cotton to the cloud earring. When one side complete flip over does the same process to the other side.Our cloud is ready. So now you can see the Cloud and rain earring.



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