I made this project because my cousin is afraid of the dark. This nightlight has a couple leds but it does the job. Customize the arduino any way you like. This is a quick 5 minute project. Nothing to special. You can hang it over a crib/bed, doorway, decoration or wherever you imagination takes you!
My answers to; Make to learn

What did you make?
I've made a simple programmed nightlight. It runs arduino and it keeps the "boogie man" away.

How did you make it?
I was inspired to make this by dablondeemus's  instructable. I turned this into a quick project. I worked by myself on this, and I did change one idea. Instead of polyfill for the cloud I used cottonballs. Cotton balls are of easy access to me.

Where did you make it?
I made this 100% at home. This project connected to other parts of my life with the arduino. I hope to one day be an inventor, and have most of my prototypes run arduino.

What did you learn?
I learned how to do simple programming on the arduino. I really didn't have any surprises during the build except for putting the WRONG glue on the plastic container! The biggest problem I had was running out of cotton balls. If I had to do it again, I would have it run a more complicated arduino.   

Step 1: Supplies

Supplies needed;
1 light, transparent container * make sure it's clean
Cotton balls
Thread or fishing line*not pictured
Arduino *I'm using uno
Hot/Gorrilla glue*plenty of it
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<p>You should explain this a bit clearer. Other than that, this is amazing! Love the end result!</p>
Isn't this a bit of a fire hazard.
No. I don't think an arduino will catch on fire. You can add a timer to the arduino. Like it says in the instructable it was a quick project. If u have any improvements please send them to me please.

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