Clucking Crackers





Introduction: Clucking Crackers

These are a fun little snack to make anytime. My son smiled and loved them! Even my husband admitted that they were cute. I used a fat free cream cheese to make them a healthier snack idea. The creations are endless with these, you can use your favorite cheese ball recipe, use a cherry tomato or olive on the inside or even a cheese, bacon, or turkey bacon stuffed olive on the inside. What ever flavors you enjoy!

What you need: cream cheese, cheese slice, olives, cherry tomatoes, ritz crackers, and the extras you would like to add if you want.

Step 1: Making Parts

Roll your favorite cheese ball recipe into a ball smaller than the ritz cracker. If you are going to use a cherry tomato, olive, shredded cheese, or stuffed olive on the inside then you would place the cream cheese around it and then roll it into the ball. Cut two v shapes out of the slice of cheese for each cracker. Cut one triangle shape out of the sliced cheese for each cracker. Cut an olive into tiny pieces for the eyes. (Not pictured) Cut a few cherry tomatoes into wedges for the top of chicken and by the beak. (Not pictured)

Step 2: Putting It Together

Place the two v shapes on top of the cracker for the feet. Place your cheese ball on top of the "feet". Then place a tomato wedge on top (for the chicken comb). Next place two olive pieces for eyes, I used a toothpick to help push them in place. Last carefully place the cheese triangle on for the beak, and a piece of tomato if you want some on the side of the beak. Your Clucking Cracker is ready to enjoy!



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    going to make for Easter.. to cute and sound yummy

    So cute!!! Cant wait to try them


    these on those chicken flavored crackers!

    No I put them on reduced fat ritz crackers but chicken flavored crackers would be yummy! ;)

    So cute! I'm going to do these for Easter this year!

    They would be fun for Easter!

    Wow, I love this. This would work for those little fresh mozzarella balls you can get too!

    What! They have little mozzarella balls? Now I will have to search for some :)