Step 9: Finish Corners

You might want to clean up the corners of the opening.

I put one stitch between the front and the back above the gusset.

Also I snipped off the exposed corner of the gusset. Though in hindsight this corner might have been a nice place to attach a shoulder strap.
Yes just hearing the name Naruto makes me want to make it.
Looks awesome! Fits in with my Mountain Man gear! Just made a hatchet case like this, maybe my next intructable! Thanks for sharing! Cheers Triumphman.
Looks like 5oz Chrome tanned leather. <br> For construction purposes only it is better to sew together inside out then turn.Decorative cording/beading/etc getting own set of holes ^_^ I like the closure solution you came up with even if it is a bit out of scale.I would have used a chicken bone or better yet a 30-30 shell case.I have an old suede jacket I see several of these lurking in.
In this case the leather was too stiff to turn inside out. The last one I did was bigger so I did that though.
OK for too stiff leather turning is a bi*ch.Then we have to go to decorative edging.Take plain old rubber cement and slather the inside edges[1/4 inch] of the face and gullet(sides) let dry and then pound the edges together with a hammer.&gt; Then awl your holes and whip stitch over the two raw edges//////// Even more fun Skip every other hole going and cross over coming back with different colour cord.XXX Have fun............... <br>
you could retrofit a belt loop by making a leather lace out of your material, or getting some leather boot laces and adding holes in the back that you could tie up to your belt/bike/backpack or just tie up in a decorative knot on the back and keep it a clutch.

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