Step 2: Attach the Magnetic Sensor

To detect rotation, the Video Pro uses a magnet which is strapped to the frame of the bicycle.  Here is how to attach it:

  • The 4 Video Pro sticks have a mark near their tips: "Align Magnet".  The magnet should be attached to the frame to match this position.
  • The tip of the magnet must be within 2cm (3/4 inch) from the surface of the Video Pro sticks.  Each bicycle frame is different.  If the magnet is not close enough, use a piece of rubber (for example a large pencil eraser) to as a spacer so you can get the magnet closer to the Video Pro.
  • Press the B2 button to start the magnet-detection mode.  You should see flashing white.
  • Spin the wheel.  If the magnet is detected, the sticks will flash as they pass over it.
  • Take a look at each of the photos below.  Move your mouse over the yellow boxes to read the instructions.

where does one get one, and how much do they cost? they dont show up on the webstore, or on amazon.

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