Step 2: Attach the Magnetic Sensor

Picture of Attach the Magnetic Sensor
To detect rotation, the Video Pro uses a magnet which is strapped to the frame of the bicycle.  Here is how to attach it:

  • The 4 Video Pro sticks have a mark near their tips: "Align Magnet".  The magnet should be attached to the frame to match this position.
  • The tip of the magnet must be within 2cm (3/4 inch) from the surface of the Video Pro sticks.  Each bicycle frame is different.  If the magnet is not close enough, use a piece of rubber (for example a large pencil eraser) to as a spacer so you can get the magnet closer to the Video Pro.
  • Press the B2 button to start the magnet-detection mode.  You should see flashing white.
  • Spin the wheel.  If the magnet is detected, the sticks will flash as they pass over it.
  • Take a look at each of the photos below.  Move your mouse over the yellow boxes to read the instructions.