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Introduction: Easy Dust Bomb!

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In this project, you will make a powerful long range dust bomb, activated by putting pressure on the whoopee cushion.
You need:

-One straw
-One whoopee cushion
-Baking powder (Or any dusty powder)
-Tape (Any kind)

Step 1: Inserting the Barrel

First, start by taking the straw, and placing it in the opening of the whoopee cushion, just about a little less than an inch.

Step 2: Securing the Barrel

Next, Tape up the whoopee cushion to the straw tightly, so it will be air tight from where the straw overlaps the whoopee cushion on the inside.

Step 3: Loading the Bomb

Now you can put the powder into the barrel, or the straw! It may be tricky to fit the powder inside. What I did, was taking a bendable Styrofoam cup, I poured the baking soda in to the cup, and shaped one end of the cup to a small funnel shape, where i could fit the powder in the straw. Whatever works for you is best. When you pour the powder in,  pour as much as you want, remember, the more the better! It doesn't matter if the powder goes straight into the whoopee cushion, it'll come out. Now you can aim it at somebody and stomp, or hide it and secure the straw upward with wire or something, so when they step on it, it shoots them! Have fun!



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    Thanks! It was a design I made when I was really young, and thought I might as well share it.

    This is the best prank I have ever seen.