CoNfUsIoN: a K'nex Turret Rifle





Introduction: CoNfUsIoN: a K'nex Turret Rifle

I present to you: CoNfUsIoN.  This rifle, with its fast firing rate, can easily give you a full, confusing round of eight shots.  It would make a great companion to either my D2OP, DOT pistol, or really another other awesome sidearm. 

Previously known as the AutoSuggestion TR, I decided to name this little rifle the Confusion TR because of the 12" version of the song Confusion by New Order.  For all those interested, it is here:

It got about 65 feet of range with one really stretched out, tight #64 band.  I didn't put any more on it, though, but I'd be willing to post instructions, but they might take a while, as I've dismantled it.



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Thanks. :D Only six days late this time! I'm improving!

Thanks! Out of curiosity, what are you planning on building next?

Nice, as FlyingFish said, it indeed is improved a lot since your forum post. Looks a lot cleaner. Also, nice shirt ;)


Thanks, I also have a red M&M shirt on a black background. Interestingly enough, the guy in the first picture is me, and the second is my friend; we happened to be wearing the same color shirts that day, and somehow, it really looks like we're the same person. :3