An easy and cheap way to create an impressive fruit bowl with many possibilities.

Step 1: Equipment:

You need: A coat hanger!
Ask a laundry for a wired coat hanger, you probably get it for free.

Step 2: Instructions:

Bend the hook by 90 degrees.

Step 3:

Turn it around and bend the hook upwards by 90 degrees.

Step 4:

On one side, bend the tip by 90 degrees upwards.

Step 5:

Bend the tip on the other side by 90 degrees upwards.

Step 6:


Step 7: Usage:

Bananas, grapes, cherries, pears, tomatoes and your keys.

Step 8: Alternatives:

Tape it to a wall and you can use it for your headphones.

Step 9:

Got a trouser hanger? Use it for cheat sheets or against homesickness.
<p>Nice one! I like the multifunctional aspect of it.</p>
<p>Yes, the presented alternatives even inspired someone else for a similar entry in the contest!</p>
Nice. But could you replace the tape with clasps or pin?
<p>This instructable is an entry in the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/contest/dormhacks2016/">Dorm Hack contest</a>, it is meant to look cheap. You can take anything that guarantees to hold at least 1 kilograms of weight.</p>

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