Materials: 8 or more wooden coat hangers with grooves in the top of the arms. Drill, various small screws (depends on the size of your hangers). Countersinking drill bit (if desired).

I failed to take photos of the progress of this project, but it's ok because I would like to improve it.
For this take, I used no other materials other than the hangers and some screws

I used 8 identical wood coat hangers.

I removed the dowel rods from all but two of the hangers. DO NOT throw them away!
These will be used in a minute.

It is best to use hangers that have grooves in the arms or else you will have to sand, cut, measure everything yourself and will wind up putting way more work into it than you need.

Cut all of the ends of the rods off so that they are flat and not angled as they were when you removed them. Make sure they are all the same size.

I took the two hangers that still have the rods attached and put on in the front and one in the back.
A few clamps will work with this step.
Run one end a rod from the grove of on one side of the front hanger and attach the other end of the rod to the groove on the back hanger. Screw them in with very small pan head screws--make sure to pre-drill the holes as to not split the rods and to get them in exactly the way you want them. Do this on both sides so you can parallel the front and back hanger.

I repeated this step with three hangers in the middle which were almost evenly spaced.
By the way, I took no formal measurements during the construction of this but the next attempt will be more perfect.

[ I did the following step after I did the above but in retrospect I think I should have done it before since I was having trouble counter sinking the screws to attach the upside down hangers. ]
OK. Take another hanger and flip it and attach it to the back of the front hanger. I chose to counter sink the holes so the screws wouldn't stick out and scratch anything (or look bad).
Repeat this step on every other hanger.

Flip the whole thing over.
Take two more rods and lay them down where the upside down hangers and the regular hangers 'intersect'. Screw the rods in to as many spots as possible.
These rods will add extra support to the structure and will also support dishes.

Ok, should be done. If you want to actually try to use it, I might suggest a coat or two of water based polyurethane. The only downside to that is that you will have to sand all the surfaces before you put it together, which I didn't do.

1) more hangers for more dishes
2) maybe find a way for it to hold flatware
3) make exact measurements
4) sand surfaces before and polyurethane coat it later
I like this a lot - brilliant idea!!!
Well done!!!!
That's really an excellent idea; a really creative re-use...

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