It for you to hang you coat.

Step 1:

Draw the shape and line you want on the paper and cut it out.

Step 2:

Use sand paper to make the metal surface smooth.

Step 3:

Draw the shape outline and line on the metal and use a pin to dig it.

Step 4:

Use a metal stick and sand paper to make the metal edge smooth.

Step 5:

Cut the outline of the metal.

Step 6:

Use the pin to dig a small hole in the middle of metal and driller to make a big hole.

Step 7:

Use the hammer to bend the line of metal.

<p>Some are blessed to see the final product without all the instructions, but not all are so blessed. Does it fold right down to a 45deg angle or partial and what is the hole in the middle for. How do you attach it to a surface, and how do you hang anything on it. As a famous politician, once said &quot;Please explain&quot; </p>
<p>I think I need at least one more picture. I don't understand how this becomes a coat hook.</p>
<p>This looks like a fun project! I'd love to see the finished result! </p>

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