Picture of Coat Rack Planter
We don't have a lot of space so we built a coat rack planter as our version of a vertical garden. It's pretty simple if you have a drill and hardware store nearby. The coat rack and wine boxes were found on craigslist. The most expensive part was actually the plants, unless you visit your neighbor's garden for some late night harvesting. It's an afternoon project that will finally use that corner of the room while bringing a little green on in.
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Step 1: Gather tools, wood, and coat rack (or anything tall that can hold weight)

Picture of Gather tools, wood, and coat rack (or anything tall that can hold weight)
What we used:

- coat rack (ikea from cragislist)
- 3 wine boxes (craigslist)
- 3 corner brackets (size of the bracket will depend on the box but generally, a 6 holed bracket should be fine)
- 6 1/2" hex bolts with washer and nut for each (to bolt the bottom of the box to the bracket)
- 6 2" hex bolts with washer and nut for each (to bolt the side of the box into the coat rack)

Everything depends on the width of the coat rack - 2" hex will get us from the inside of the box, through the coat rack, and clear to the other side with enough room for a washer and nut.

- drill
- drill bit
- hex nut driver

Step 2: Drill into rack and boxes

Picture of Drill into rack and boxes
Mark the holes on the coat rack and drill straight through. We only made two holes per box. It was easiest to drill the first hole, secure a bracket in place, then drill the second hole using the bracket as a guide. It's useful to push against a scrap piece of wood while drilling if you don't have a saw horse. Push hard while drilling!

We spaced out the boxes as two on one side (top and bottom), and the middle box on another side. They were about a foot apart.

As for the boxes, we just marked the holes and drilled. Two holes on the bottom and two on the side.
Great use of space!
Transquesta3 years ago
I wonder how well this basic concept would work outside with a junk spiral staircase and maybe an old-time polo-rotor? One could potentially increase the size of his/her garden space five to seven fold in the same square footage.
alice8tweed (author)  Transquesta3 years ago
That's a great idea! I just quickly googled for some images and found this: http://www.insideurbangreen.org/2008/09/it-was-good-to-see-the-rooftop-gardens-project-get-some-coverage-on-apartment-therapy-i-view-at-as-the-premier-web-public.html

It seems that the smaller the space, the more creative people get!
That's an awesome use for a coat rack. :D