Picture of Coat Rack and Mitten Stand From Old CD Rack
My husband got an old CD rack from the side of the road and brought it home. We don't keep CDs out anymore, because of the kids. It has sat in the basement for a while, until now.
Being in New England in the Winter is wet and messy. With two kids, we always have wet and snowy hats, mittens, gloves, boots, coats, snow pants, etc. lying around on the floor. When they're in a heap, they never dry. But now, problem solved!!!

Step 1: Get Ready

Picture of Get Ready
Here's what you will need:

One found CD rack. (a wooden one with dowels)
paddle bit
screw and screw bit

Now dismantle the CD Rack. I used my handy dandy drill, and 6 screws later, the rack was in a bunch of pieces.

gemtree4 years ago
Ah, this also keeps the dogs from running off with the mittens/gloves/warm hats. My dogs think they are chew toys. Great idea and racks! I believe I have a rack and yes, I found mine on the side of a road as well.
bootkidz6 years ago
The wellie rack is cool
marc.cryan6 years ago
What's a CD?
Browncoat6 years ago
Great idea! But now what do you do w/your CDs...? ;)
domestic_engineer (author)  Browncoat6 years ago
They're lying dormant in a big CD book somewhere until the kids stop using them as frisbees.