Introduction: Coat Hanger Stand

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Step 1: Material

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I buy some 25x25 and 15x15 metal tube

Step 2: Cut It

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Cut the tube to make a shape

Step 3: Sort

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Sort the pieces...

Step 4: Welding

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Weld and grind

Step 5: The Legs

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I found some legs from a old office chair

Step 6: Painting & Finishing

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First layer with anti rust paint, and then I decide to use a orange spray paint.

When everything is dry off i put some end caps.


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2014-02-13

Hi and welcome to the community!

It's great that you have decided to share your photos with us, but we need an explanation of what you made and how you made it before it can be published. Please write up a description of your project and reply to this comment to let me know that you are done.

You should also consider posting a full Step by Step Tutorial since you have so many awesome photos to work with!


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