Only a few so far. have run out of coat hangers. Wanted to make a boat out of coat hangers, papemache and sealant, but maybe sometime later. We have also made some things that are not in instructables like this keyboard server rack.
Mini temporary trash bin. style
No reason  to waste plastic bags like the ones you get from the grocery store your groceries come in.  Also do not want to dirty up a bowl for refuse from cooking in the kitchen. This is just a little...
Paper towel stand. style
Again Mr. Cheapo here is looking for ways of doing things without spending a lot of money. Tis is another coat hanger creation. Nice because I did not want to hang anything on the wall, have something...
Ipad et al holder. style
Well it was late at night and I needed a stand. I did not want to go to an 24hr store and pay twenty or more bucks for a stand. I saw on instructable of one that was made out of wood. I started to mak...
One coat hanger laptop stand style
Need a cheap quick laptop stand. Or on the go and do not want to carry a heavy laptop stand around.  This is a stand that can be made in a few minutes. Have fun..
Second soldering hand. style
This instructable is so easy to make, so there is no need to go out and get one of those hands free helpers, The best thing about this instructable is that you are reusing computers that do not have t...
Yet another simple portable (disposable) barbecue pit. style
We buy in bulk and I hate to throw things away. I needed a barbecue pit but did not wa spend a fortune. You can make a couple of these an be as good as the low end pits int he store. Careful there wil...
Easy tie clip style
Simple tie clasp.