Are you really cheap like me? Can't afford $9 for a water bottle holder? Then make this, out of a coathanger.
You will need.
(1) coathanger
some various screws and washers
2 pliers (I used pliers and channel locks, just what I had near my desk.
Electrical tape
Drill and drillbit
Ok, you will need about 20 minutes to make it, and 10 to install it.

Step 1: Get Your Stuff and Start Bending

First, I find it easier if you take your coathanger and make it straight, that way there are no confusing bends to wrap your mind around.

Then find a style of holder you like on the internet, I chose this one. (see photo
Dont buy walmart bikes like next. They suck!!!!!!!! I pains me to see a person buying a junky bike that breaks more then the good ones. I recommend a specialized or giant brand bike!
I enjoy my bike, I do wish it had rear disk brakes and a better rear shock. But it hasn't failed me yet, the rear tire rotted out and has been replaced with a better one. But other than that, I enjoy this bike. Like any bike it needs care and lubed cables and such every season.<br>I have had this bike for 3 or so years now.
You must not go hard and use it on crazy mtb trails. Even so its well worth it to get a good name brand bike. It would be a lot better ride.
Or GT like in my pictures. With the fox float shox!!!

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