Picture of Cobra Paracord Bracelet
Here is the paracord bracelet that I wear everyday just in case I might need it. It's got over 10ft of paracord in it so I could do just about anything with it.

OK OK so I've been asked a few times now on how I made this, I can't take no credit for this at all because I got the idea from this YouTube video. I've looked over countless video's and this one seemed to be the easiest for me to learn from anyways.
Hope this helps!!

THANK YOU i have wanted to figure out this braid forever now i have a awesome bracelet your vidoe really helped a lot
SurreyTrnsPlnt (author)  parkourman274 years ago
its not my video!! It's just the video that i learned from and thought that I should share it with the people at Instructables.
rhm34 years ago
Following your video , I made mine in about 7 minutes ! By far the simplest insturctions on how to tie this !!!! Thanks so much
SurreyTrnsPlnt (author)  rhm34 years ago
remember i dont take credit for the video, just adding this because it's how I learned and thought I should share with everyone.
aglen4 years ago
No instructable on how you made it?
rhm3 aglen4 years ago
The video is the Instructable, Duh !lol
SurreyTrnsPlnt (author)  aglen4 years ago
I promise to try harder next time! :)
Hey Dude !Stop messing around with Blondes and fix your instructable!
SurreyTrnsPlnt (author)  triumphman4 years ago
ok, ok, I'll post some picture's on how it's made hopefully by the end if the week. I didn't think ppl would need it, this is a simple project.
no worries, looks good!
SurreyTrnsPlnt (author)  aglen4 years ago
no sorry, it's more of look what I did from other Instructables! SORRY! ;(
Besides I don't think I'd be good at doing my own Instructable.