Step 7:

When for the action, give the pull string a nice tug or remove the binding stick by hand and stand back. If all goes well your cobra weave should rise up like a wave while sticks are wildly thrown across the room. Enjoy! 
<p>WHAT THE HECK DO YOU HAVE TO DO TO MAKE IT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!</p>
<p>i just cannot figure out how to make it.UUUUGGGGHHHH</p>
<p>I made a really long one but put sharp turns in it and sharp turns don't work with these try really wide turns, it was hard at first but once i got it down it takes me 15 minutes to make a 800 stick chain.</p>
I have searched YouTube for quite awhile on how to make a cobra weave, but they confused me. yours taught me how to make one without getting lost on what to do. if I can successfully make one, I'll put it on here
I made it. Showed my kids, they jumped then thought it was cool.
<p>SEW HARD TO DOOO!!coool though</p>
difficult but cool
I'll do that.
thats a cool idea ill try later
can you use small popsicle sticks?
Wait... did those just continuously explode... O.O
This I will have to do when my nephew is back from visiting...
It is so fun! If you can, you should stop by Walmart and buy a big box of them for about $5. The big ones are are usually easier to work with and if you have some extra time you can dye them in a little bit of paint and water.
DANGGIT I HAVE NO POPSICLE STICKS!!!!! AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! &gt;=( &gt;=( &gt;=( !!!!!!!!!!
how do these things work!?!?!
the elastic tension is stored in the sticks, and when the stick is removed, the tension is released, making it blow up. As for the wave effect, i am not sure but i think it has to do with newton's third law of motion. Im only thirteen so dont expect me to be a real scientist.
Don't sell yourself short. Age isn't a qualification.
In the second video that was a mongoose detonation. do it the other way for a cobra detonation. Also, can i do it with the thin popsicle sticks(The ones that are on popsicles)
never mind i FINALLY got some jumbo sticks
thats so cool a very neat instructable, i love it.
Thank you so much! I've been wondering about this all summer! The guy from AGT did this! Super cool!
Pure Awesome! So gonna try this with my daughter this weekend!<br> <br> Ben Allen | blog.theclericreturns.com
AMAZING! Lol. It would make a great April Fool's prank. Say, buy a few 100-packs of Popsicle sticks, start a chain at the foot of the bed before the victim wakes up, and string a stick bomb all the way around the room a couple of times. When the victim gets out of bed, he/she will step on the end of the chain, trigger it, and then get scared out of their wits when they see something that seems to be digging up the floorboards in their room! Perfect!<br> Very good Instructable! 5/5, faved, and voted.<br> Win Guy
Animated gif for those who can't YouTube:<br> <a href="http://pictureisunrelated.memebase.com/2011/10/09/wtf-photos-videos-what-is-this-madness/">http://pictureisunrelated.memebase.com/2011/10/09/wtf-photos-videos-what-is-this-madness/</a><br> <br>
My provider has YouTube blocked. Is there any other way to video your creation? CoachPRush@aol.com
proxy server :)
NEAT DEMO !!!<br>DON'T STOP NOW.... Do a Cobra Weave in a complete circle !<br><br>That way when it comes FULL CIRCLE the un-doing will continue to DO the un-doing of the un-done and result in a re-doing of the un-done.<br><br>Ps: use BLACK popcycle sticks to prove the BLACK HOLE idea and video it in complete darkness.<br><br>AGAIN GREAT DEMO !!!
Talk about circular logic. ^^
Eric - <br> YEP! We're HEAVY on the 'circular' and very LIGHT on the 'logic' :-) :-) <br>
thy logic is infallible.
yes, truly, thou art truly a 'natural' philosopher.
Astrong0 - Sherry did a great 'basic' demo, <br>BUT now it's up to the rest of us to help her complete the Cobra circle.
AHH! I love it! It would be so cool if putting them in a circle formation meant continuous cobra weave fun.
Sherry - my guess is --- <br>When someone with a (large) bit of Photoshop skill gets a hold of your DEMO and does their PShop-Magic there will be a 'continous' Cobra Weave hitting the Internet... so keep me posted.<br>
I'm thinking it may just be easier to figure out a way to layout the sticks to make them actually do that than to try to photoshop it lol
Sherry - &quot;STICK with it&quot; ...and a solution will POP UP :-) :-)
Hahahahah fun I gotta try that some times!
Do you use normal Popsicle sticks for this? I feel like they're too thick and/or not long enough and keep popping out on me :(
Check out this type of thing with Kinetic King on America's Got Talent. I'm definitely trying this<br>
The KINETIC KING did this on this past season of America's Got Talent. He went for the world record and if it all would have gone off without any problem, he would have gotten it.<br><br>If you didn't watch AGT this season, do so. The Kinetic King so to the top 10
This is the same kind of process thing that Kinetic King used on Americas Got Talent but his was WAY more complex. I wondered how it was done. Thanks for the 'structable. The longer the chain is the better it looked.
I bet he had an awesome layout but it's so easy to do that I wouldn't really consider it a talent. I hope he did flips or danced around it haha. I'm starting to get crazy ideas about how he could have spiced it up so I guess I'm going to have look up his performance.
got to AGT website and im pretty sure they still have the link up to his performances. He made it to the semi finals..
the &quot;Kinetic King&quot;<br><br>http://youtu.be/ueLxYKP5UzU<br><br>or this one...<br><br>http://youtu.be/MZpnW0BdfSA
Thanks for posting those links. I sense some Kinetic King inspired Instructables coming on haha.<br>My favorite part was actually when he called himself the Kinetic King and held the crown up to his head.
I have never heard of or seen stick bombs! They are very cool. I watched the videos more than once because they were so much fun! Thanks for sharing :0) <br>
That is pretty cool! Must give it a try. Thanks for the post.

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