Introduction: Cobra Weave Wax String Bookmark

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This can also be a bracelet but it doesn't matter what you do with it.I didn't use exact measurements.

Step 1: Materials

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• 2 lengths of paracord (7-8 inches)

•tape/lighter (something to keep the paracord base together)

•waxed string


Step 2: Connecting the Paracord Lengths

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I just used tape on it but if you want a better look you could melt them together.

Step 3: Start Weaving

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Fold you waxed string on half and put it BEHIND the paracord like in image #1. Then take the right strand and and put under the paracord and over the left strand like in image #2. I know what your thinking, what do we do with the left strand? You take it and put it in the loop of the right strand like in image #3. Pull it tight and that's the basic weave. That's all you do for this tutorial.

Step 4: Knowing the Difference

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The difference of the sides is one side points toward you and one point toward the floor.

That's all hope this works for you bye!!!!!!BTW this make a great holiday gift!!


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