Cobweb Spider Gun - Simple Build





Introduction: Cobweb Spider Gun - Simple Build

Here's a very simple solution for creating stunning cob webs and spider webs, no compressed air or plumbing parts are required for the build.

Perfect for your Halloween display or Horror movie night, also great for spooky viral videos.

Even Spiderman can't out perform this web shooting device.



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    can u use a blow dryer ??

    can i use a little fan i made myself from little dynamo ?
    is that strong enough ?

    what would happen if i used an old fashion candy stick instead of glue stick ? something that resembles cotton candy i hope !!! ( preferably on a NEW glue gun)

    someone try this for me !!

    I have to say, after wrestling with my compressed-air shooter for several years, that YOU ARE A GENIUS! I have 2 or 3 of those blowers laying around (mattresses are long gone), and you can find them all the time at thrift stores/Goodwill for $1 or so. I am trying this immediately. Very, very nicely done sir!

    Simple, clear and useful. I've always seen the hot glue as "spider web"! Now I know I was right!

    I love this!
    The two-layered glam web at the end is great.

    Thank you, that was me being arty, does not happen too often! 

    What a great idea! I can think of a dozen non-halloween uses for this technique too!