Picture of Coca-Cola Computer
This is a PC case built out of Coca-Cola merchandise. The computer's components came from a Dell Dimension 8500. If you attempt to do this on your own, be extra careful when cutting the aluminum cans, the edges are incredibly sharp. The computer is slightly exposed to the outside, but I use the computer for leisure activities, so my recommendation is that you use a computer that you have laying around the house to do this project.

You will need:
An old PC
Coca-Cola Cans(20 Cans) if you want to do more on the top or use glass bottles that is fine to.
Coca Cola bottle carrying Case.
High Speed dremmle
Spray Glue
Wire Mesh
Round File
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Step 1: Empty Can's/Prep Computer

Picture of Empty Can's/Prep Computer
You can do what I did, or you can empty the cans into a large pitcher. I drank about 30 cans of Coca-Cola in 3 days, my kidney's haven't been the same since. I personally recommend just puncturing a hole into the can and emptying it. Puncturing it first makes cutting easier in the long run. Once you have finished emptying cans, place them to the side and get your computer parts.

If you are going to use an older computer, unplug it before you strip it of its parts. From the Dell Dimension I took everything out of the case except for the Floppy drive and placed it to the side.
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AT7 years ago
I am a very big Coke fan as is my Brother-in-law. He is a Mac guy, I am a PC guy. I think I just won the war as to which one is better! Thank you.......... P.S. I think glass bottles would look even cooler!
Romado12187 (author)  AT7 years ago
Yeah they would def be cool, I plan on making one with them eventually, It's just going to take alot of time to cut the glass.
AT Romado121877 years ago
Just think of how cool it will look if you wire up your computer with all of the fun internal components that light up. That will be very cool through the bottles. The other thing would be to work in liquid cooling and have a Coke colored liquid so it looks like it is Coke cooked. Part of the cooling system could be having the liquid pore into a bottle so it looked like a Coke bottling line.
acidbass AT3 years ago
that would be freaking awesome
badbradmx AT4 years ago
only just seen this but my god that would be awesome, i dont care if its coke or any other bottles that idea would just be the effing nuts :D
Romado12187 (author)  AT7 years ago
yeah I think you just spelled out my summer project hahah
ttrat5 years ago
This looks like it would get, no ventilation at all. But really nice, it would have been cooler if you had used mountain dew, lol.
hondagofast7 years ago
:D Coca-Cola is awesome. Great idea.
Pepsi products are WAY better, like mountain dew
Romado12187 (author)  Yerboogieman7 years ago
yeah dews my favorite drink.
(removed by author or community request)
its better than coke
Nope. Coca-Cola is the best drink ever. Deal with it.
keep replying to these! see how far it goes!
i think pepsi tastes like soap
(removed by author or community request)
well your mother is a well respected member of the community!
yes she is :D /sarcastic
wow your all spamming my e-mail by replying to me and it stop lol
O.o then turn that feature off
coke is 20 million times better than dew..... unless its game fuel. then its about even
and you are 20 million times wrong
GO DEW!!!! /cheer
Well I've always had a taste for IBC Root Beer :D
I want some dew now, thanks...
So is your DAD!! xP
thegeeke dkfa6 years ago
How long do you think you can keep replying?
hcold thegeeke6 years ago
As long as their desire to be corporate schills last. Rest of their life, basically.
Lauramore876 years ago
ALWAYS Coca-Cola!! kiss from italy :D
Thanks, now I have an idea what to do with the old computer in the basement. :P
bigfootduck6 years ago
awesome! put a straw holder next to it and you can drink and type at the same time!
Pie_eata7 years ago
pretty awesome idea dood +1 for originality
krank dat7 years ago
this is incredible i agree you should get paid
Shifrin7 years ago
Awesome Mod! first I thought it was just some stand, but this is way cooler! :-) -Alex
dsman1952767 years ago
what do you do if your thursty?
Romado12187 (author)  dsman1952767 years ago
i get a drink. hahah
reeding7 years ago
Punkguyta7 years ago
Did you actually SET out to do this intentionally or did you just happen to have a 12 pack case full of empty coke cans laying around doing nothing?
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