Cocktail Bar Hack





Introduction: Cocktail Bar Hack

We took this vintage, circa 1940s, walnut cocktail cabinet from England into our workshop and made some fun modifications and additions we think you will get a kick out of. We stripped off the ugly, dark finish to reveal the beauty of the natural walnut underneath.The original Queen Anne, or cabriole, feet had to go. We replaced them with an angular, atomic-inspired foot to bring this piece into the space age. Next, we installed LED light strips that are triggered by a button switch to come on when the doors are opened. The lights are controlled by a remote for which we customized a stand. Now the bar is ready for any party!



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    Really cool! I'd love to know how you made some of those modifications!

    Thanks for commenting @tomatoskins! We refinished the piece by classic stripping, sanding, new lacquer. We added new hardware, removed the old feet as they were screwed on, built new feet from wood we cut and shaped in the workshop. The LED lights are inexpensive and come in strips for easy installation. We have even added them to iron chandeliers under wax candles and put the remote on a flicker effect so you never have to light the candles!