Cocktail Popsicles (aka Cocksicles)

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Do you like your drinks shaken or stirred? How about completely frozen and on a stick? Ladies and gentlemen, gather around - I present to you: the Cocktail Popsicle. Or Cocksicle, if you will...

While it is impossible to freeze alcohol in a traditional freezer, liquid nitrogen is cold enough to make a boozy pop nice and firm. I got this idea from my Grandpa, who, back in his engineering days in the 50's, would enjoy a "bourbon-sicle" in the lab with his coworkers. They simply filled a dixie cup with bourbon, put a stick in it, and submerged the entire thing in liquid nitrogen.

After a few rounds of testing, I've developed a slightly safer process for making these pops on your own. Because when it's hot out, what's better than an extremely cold treat? An alcoholic one.

Step 1: Supplies

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You will need:
  • Booze of choice
  • Liquid Nitrogen - this is relatively easy to get your hands on, once you have a dewar for safe transit. I called up our local gas supplier (Praxair) who were able to fill up my dewer after I brought it down. For a large party, and quite a few popsicles and rounds of liquid nitrogen ice cream, we quickly went through 35 liters.
  • Popsicle freezing containers - I went to the Container Store  and bought out their supply of small travel containers. Their small, round Nalgene bottles held up well after freezing in LN2, and were easy to modify.
  • Popsicle sticks - I found went to a restaurant supply store and bought some hearty coffee stirrers, which I then cut in half.
  • Freezer space - so the popsicles can warm up after being frozen
  • Safety equipment - high quality gloves for handling the LN2, and a large container for the LN2 pouring/freezing process, a smaller one for moving a little bit of the LN2
ndronet8 months ago

How long will the alcholol stay frozen in the freezer?

yieldlymph9 months ago

You know, I have been using the term "Cocksicle" for many years now, but this is the first time i have ever thought of it as an edible substance. Go figure!

Cocksicles LOL. Nice term. We've been making spiked popsicles for years. We just made some AWESOME ones this weekend using fresh Watermelon, Mint, and a fruit liqueur called Veev (Acai Berry flavor). Check out the recipe here: http://intoxicology.net/adult-popsicles/


Thats awesome...


calmlunch1 year ago


just like future ice cream "dippin dots" this is future cocktail
All the haters to one side, please. Cocksicle is the best word ever.


clickyummy1 year ago


bearblue1 year ago


chimplost1 year ago

Gotta get my mouth on some of them cocksickles. Giggity.

Gotta get my mouth on some of them cocksickles. Giggity.
Just burst out laughing hahaha
While eating it if you had kept it horizontal and were licking it with that name for your ible it would really give a dirty impression you know but welll many would come to see it here then wouldnt they? hehehehe
Mauigerbil3 years ago
Lol cocksikles! My dirty mind..
Do you need a paracetamol?
A what now?
A pain killer.
crapsoup3 years ago
You know, I have been using the term "Cocksicle" for many years now, but this is the first time i have ever thought of it as an edible substance. Go figure!
I think Shotsicles might be a more appropriate name.
Yes, more appropriate. Until you try to say it three times fast ;)
Great name - catchy!!
favoom3 years ago
Liquid N2 not so simple as you might think. You can do weird (bad) things like - instantly blind yourself (never, EVER use a funnel), accidentally get it into your shoes or cuffs and thus - lose your feet for real, freeze any metal instantly to your skin. Pour it and have the liquid N2 hit the UNCOLD portion of the Dewar and instantly boil up and "burp" all over.

Nitrogen when it fills a space, doesn't "Warn." You DON'T get light headed or out of breath, you just pass out almost instantly. If you are going to rescue someone who's passed out, keep in mind that the RESCUERS almost always have the exact same problem AND ALSO DIE! "Cold" rooms don't have air circulation. Watch out. Never, ever take a closed (passenger) elevator!!! The same with INSIDE A CAR. Don't hard stopper the Dewar.

An open container sitting in liquid N2 will condense the oxygen from the air into a liquid - not "might", but will. Liquid oxygen plus anything organic is a peachy - if variable - explosive. Not so good if that wasn't your intention.

Sorry if its a bummer. I work with liquid gases all day and I treat them like live cobras. Informative and fun but dangerous.
kazmataz (author)  favoom3 years ago
Safety first!
jjhall43 years ago
I would have to guess that although 'freeze distillation' is a thing it relies on the fact that alcohol freezes at a lower temperature than water, so it is possible to freeze the water and pour off the concentrated alcohol. By freezing the alcohol too, you are negating that effect.

Instead, I would guess that the pops are "even more strong and boozy tasting" because cold temperatures inhibit our ability to taste, especially flavors that rely on smell. Thus, by freezing everything, the flavors would be diminished.
dworley3 years ago
All the haters to one side, please. Cocksicle is the best word ever.
Growing up we had a neighbor that kept a bottle of schapps in the back of his pickup. He was at a farm auction in -20F weather and was bet he wouldn't take a pull from the bottle. In a moment of stupidity he did.

Burnt (mostly 3rd, but some 2nd) everything all the way down to his stomach where it would have done more damage had he not just eaten.

Chewing food was a no go for a week or so and drinking was a very painful for him.

Please don't use Margarita mix. This is very bad and your popsicle will be equally taste bad. Use fresh lime juice, maybe some lime zest [if you like it limey] and orange liqueur [like Cointreau] - maybe some sugar.

If you would like to do a frozen cocktail, you don't need liquid nitro at all.
You add a 3rd water [measure the cocktail and add 1/3 in volume water].
If you like to do a strawberry margarita or daiquiri [or any other fruit - or mixer] you can add even less water.

The cocktail overall will have less than 20% abv and will freeze easily in the normal freezer [which is -20ºC].

Off course straight up spirits will freeze only at ca. -26ºC [for 40% abv] which is off course to low, for a domestic and even most commercial freezers.

reptedjess3 years ago
Cocksicles, hehe!
Ushanka3 years ago
"the LN2 freezing process actually distils your alcohol further"

Wait, what?
The liquid nitrogen freezing process actually...
I guess my question is how does the freezing distill the alcohol?
kazmataz (author)  Ushanka3 years ago
acoleman33 years ago
brilliant instructable, although i wll have to say i like my wiskey neat and room temperature. no, i am not going to say anything about the name since it's already been covered.....BY TOO MANY PPL. i mean, holy hell....how many parrots do we need on one page! nuff said.
hogey743 years ago
Seldom in the field of electronic information dissemination has a more important advance occurred. This is precisely the kind of thing the creators of the internet had in mind all those years ago. Words fail me. Supoyb.
predo3 years ago
Yeah nice but you defenitly need a new short name for that, If you know what I mean?
kurtnotkirk3 years ago
This is pretty cool, but hey... there are kids on this site... can we keep it at least PG rated?
BLUEBLOBS23 years ago
This is pretty funny. This bourbonsicle is... good? I guess?
ilpug3 years ago
Interesting idea, interesting results, and a name that implies much more... risque treats.
heathbar643 years ago
Well I like my crown royal straight out of the bottle, but the name sounds fun.
Just wondering How the cocksicle would come out if you sprayed the individual containers with a compressed gas from a nozzle.
Great instructable, but I think you need a new name for the final product, lol/
me too. i was expecting a better "showing".
Great instructable! I shall enjoy the sensation of eating a frozen Gin & tonic.
But seriously, why not call em Poptails? Seems a bit more apetizing :P
Depends who you're talking to ; )
SHIFT!3 years ago
SHIFT's List of things I want Nitro Frozen:
•White Russian
•Fine 1948 Cogniac

Sooooo glad I'm legal in the US!
These are very popular in stores lately
great idea, this perfect for the beach especially summer time..
Tomdf3 years ago
I'm not much of a drinker, but I can think of about ten thousand fun things to do with LN2 now that I know how to get it, TY! >.>
mikeasaurus3 years ago
@step 6 - frozen Bourbon makes my mouth feel funny.