http://www.bars-and-bartending.com/drink-recipes.html  Don't worry, it's not the KGB, its just a White Russian.  The White Russian drink is a simple cocktail that tastes great (if you're a fan of milky drinks ;)  This is one of those drinks that you can easily make at home rather than the more complex cocktails that require 10 ingredients to create.

The ingredients:
1oz Vodka
.5oz Kahlua
milk (or cream)

If you're not a fan of milky drinks, you can always try a Black Russian, which is simply a White Russian minus the milk or cream.  

If you're looking for some of the most popular cocktail and drink recipes out there, click on the link above.  

<p>Using glass in the ice tray is a big no no sorry. Other than that a good video.</p>

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