Cocktail Recipes: How to Make the Tropical Blue Hawaiian Cocktail





Introduction: Cocktail Recipes: How to Make the Tropical Blue Hawaiian Cocktail - Drinking this blue little sweetie makes you think you're on an island in the tropics.  The Blue Hawaiian cocktail is a popular drink at resorts when you're lounging on a beach near the ocean.  They usually put those little umbrellas and some tropical fruit as a garnish.  There's something about those little cocktail umbrellas that screams vacation.  


*White Rum
*Blue Curacao
*Coconut Cream
*Pineapple Juice

This cocktail is the perfect blend of coconut, pineapple and rum - something to sip dreamily while listening to the waves crashing. Of course, you don't need to be at a resort to get this drink.  Make it at home and set up a lounge chair next to the kiddy pool, dip your feet in and let the stresses of life melt away.



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    My grandmother and I used to have a weekend pow-wow at our local asian restaurant. The restaurant had a tiki themed bar. I'd usually have something to grump about. My german grandma could always be relied upon for pleasant company, a good laugh, and her profound philosophies on why life sucks but it's okay. We would order a couple of these tasty beverages (our favorite), mellow-out, and shoot the breeze about the events of our prior week or make fun of our weird relatives (behind their backs). I consider myself luckier than most because I actually got to know my grandmother very well as a person and not as an elder. We did this for years, until she passed.

    That whole groove got started when, me returning from a trip, we stopped at that randomly chosen restaurant for lunch. She had picked me up from the airport. We'd been "couped" up (she drove a 2 door sporty thing) and not been having much conversation. We saw the tiki bar in the place, commented to each other about the odds of such a thing existing. The Blue Hawaiian was the drink on the 'special' board, so we gave it a try. Fabulous! We kept going back on Saturdays from 1990 until 1996. Same drink and same place.

    The Blue Hawaiian is a tasty beverage very conducive to relaxed social interaction.

    Thanks for the memories.

    @vicvelcro Wow, 6 years every Sat, that's over 300 Blue Hawaiians! I may have made more Blue Hawaiians in my life, but you've definitely drank more or them than I have! Glad to bring back the nostalgia for ya :)