These little mugs of hot cocoa on a stick are a really adorable. Pair them with a festive mug and packet of hot chocolate mix, wrap it all up in cellophane or wrapping paper and you have a perfect handmade holiday gift, great for all ages! They are super easy to make, using only marshmallows and some melted chocolate or frosting and decorated with sprinkles. You can eat them off of the stick, or stir them into your hot cocoa!

Step 1:

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You will need

    -popsicle sticks/craft sticks
    -melted chocolate or chocolate frosting
    -white jimmie sprinkles for the mini marshmallows (optional)
    -vanilla frosting for the whipped cream swirl dusted with cocoa powder (optional)
    -festive confetti sprinkles to decorate your marshmallow mugs
Absolutely adorable!
VACH.3 years ago
so adorable!
Dollhouse Bake Shoppe (author)  VACH.3 years ago
Thanks so much! Be sure to visit us at dollhousebakeshoppe.com for more fun ideas!
gingerkatt3 years ago
Awwww! I'll have to make those next year for my kid's teachers.
Shany1203 years ago
Cute! :D
so cute!
I agree AussieAnglerGal!
hehehe, nice lil sis ;)
im37333 years ago
If you are having trouble getting the marshmallow handles to stick, try wetting the ends of the handle ever so slightly, it'll make it stickier, just be careful that it doesn't slip while drying.
Dollhouse Bake Shoppe (author)  im37333 years ago
Great idea. I just made 2 tiny little cuts on the side of the mug so the cut ends of the handle would stick to the open holes on the sides of the mug... this way you won't have to worry about the slipping :) Be sure to post a photo on the Dollhouse Bake Shoppe facebook wall if you make them so we can see how they turned out!
Ms Lucky3 years ago
very very delicious and beautiful.
ChrysN3 years ago
Those are so adorable!
Those are precious! :D Great photos, too!