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Introduction: Cocoa Puffs Cereal Shake

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Are you 'Cocoa for Cocoa Puffs'? If you are you'll be cocoa for this shake!

Cocoa puffs, milk, ice cream and chocolate's like amazingly delicious breakfast through a straw! Not exactly health food, but hey, it's summer, so have at it and seriously, who could resist?!

Step 1: Choose a Cereal

Here comes the really hard part. Choose your favorite cereal.

I have never actually eaten Cocoa Puffs cereal before but I've heard it is good. Since we eat all organic at my house I bought the organic version of Cocoa Puffs. They are really delicious (loaded with sugar, of course) and I'm assuming if you were to use actual Cocoa Puffs you will get the same delicious result as I did.

If you aren't a Cocoa Puffs fan you can graze the cereal isle and I'm sure you will be able to find a suitable cereal for your very own shake creation!

Step 2: Choose Ice Cream

I really like to make my own ice cream (because it is SO easy) but you could certainly skip this step and use store bought.

Basic Vanilla Ice Cream
1 c. heavy cream
2 c. milk
2 t. vanilla extract
1/2 c. sugar

In a medium bowl combine all ingredients. Freeze according to ice cream machine directions. See, now wasn't that easy as...pie...I mean ice cream! :)

Step 3: Gather Ingredients

Cocoa Puffs Cereal Shake

1 1/2 c. vanilla ice cream (I used vanilla but you could use any flavor that goes with your cereal choice)

3/4 c. cocoa puffs

1/4 - 1/3 c. milk

2 T. chocolate sauce/syrup

whipped cream (optional)

chocolate shavings (optional)

Add ice cream, cocoa puffs, and 1/4 c. milk to a blender. Blend and add more milk to desired consistency.

Pour into your favorite shake glass swirled with chocolate sauce. Garnish with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Drink and enjoy!

**If you are feeling a little sassy (and are over 21) you could jazz this baby up a bit with some of your favorite chocolate liqueur! It would be quite nice!

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