Coconut Almond Energy Bars





Introduction: Coconut Almond Energy Bars

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Love the portability and real food ingredients list of Larabars, but hate the price? These homemade energy bars pack five-ingredient superfood punch - almonds, coconut, dates, cocoa powder and hemp hearts - and couldn't be easier to make!

Step 1: Combine Ingredients in Food Processor

1 cup date paste

1 cup almonds

1 tbsp cocoa powder

1/4 cup shredded unsweetened coconut

2 tbsp hemp hearts

Step 2: Remove Ingredients From Food Processor and Roll Into a Ball

Step 3: Flatten Your "dough" Mixture Using a Rolling Pin

Step 4: Cut Into Bars of the Size of Your Liking

Step 5: Enjoy!



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I just made a batch using dried dates in place of the date paste and ground flax seeds. I had to add a little water before it would lump together but that may be because I didn't use an electric processor.

I would make one change though. I'd hold the keep the coconut out of the mix and use it as a coating instead.

that's a great idea! Coated in coconut would look so pretty :)

if you want this to be healthier (rather fat heavy as is, even if mostly good fats), take out the cocoa powder and replace with chocolate flavored (or any other really) protein powder. this will give a more proper ratio of protein to fat (adjust to your goals). while i'm at it... probably take out coconut and replace with ground flax seeds (just cuz i don't like coconut flavor).

oh yeah, some dried cranberries would be superb here :) love me some dried cranberries (raisins are too sweet for me).

oh yeah 2, some old fashioned (whole flakes) oatmeal wouldn't hurt either :)

I made another version of these recently and used some dry rolled oats. They turned out great!

glad you liked them, i like throwing oats into most of my healthy meals (like yogurt), its a good slower digesting carb to keep you satiated longer.

These are some good recommendations! I don't mind a good dose of healthy fats, however :)