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Actually this cake is a coincidence!Yes, this can happen!

I actually made a Pavlova, or better, I wanted to make a Pavlova... but it didn't work out as it should and it fell apart completely. I could not even rescue some pieces.

So, imagine me, standing in the kitchen in the morning of the celebration with crumbs in my hands... I won't repeat the words I said. I needed a cake, now, immediately!

I didn't have any soft butter... but I had eggs! With them I made these coconut-Baisers and the cake turned out to be not only an eye-catcher! And the good thing with it, it's done very quickly!Sometimes when you're desperate you get lucky!

Step 1:

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6 Egg-whites

1 Pinch of Salt

1 tsp Cream of Tartar

300 g Sugar

50 g desiccated Coconut

grated rind of 1 Lemon

125 g Flour

Beat the egg-whites with the salt and the cream of tartar until stiff, then add the sugar and go on beating until the mass is shiny. Add the grated rind of lemon. Sprinkle the coconut and flour over the top and fold carefully into the mass. Fill into two greased baking tins of the same size and bake at 160 C for 30 minutes until golden. Let cool completely.

Turn the baisers over and drizzle with some liqueur, I used Apricot Liqueur from Etter/Switzerland.

Step 2:

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Filling and Decoration:

500 ml Double Cream

3 tbsp Icing Sugar

some mixed Berries

Beat the double cream with the icing sugar until shiny and stiff.

Spread half of it onto one baiser, now you can add some berries if you like.

Step 3:

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Cover with the second baiser, spread the rest of the cream on top of it and decorate with berries.

Put into the fridge until ready to serve.

Step 4:

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This is how the beautiful cake looks when cut open!


healthy_smoothies (author)2016-07-24

looks delicious!

THEFIRSTBDC (author)2016-07-23

Yum! Why not add sliced berries or a glaze in the center as well? Thx for the awesome Ible

Of course you can do that, it looks even better then.

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