Picture of Coconut Bikini Top

Whether you are getting ready for your summer vacation on a tropical island or you are just looking for an all-natural material, eco-friendly bikini top wanting to say “Aloha” wearing the appropriate apparel . Well, here is how to make your own Coconut Bikini Top!

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Step 1: Tools & materials you will need.

Picture of Tools & materials you will need.
step 2.jpg

First thing you should do is get yourself a coconut!
Check the coconuts for the right size and shape.

Tools & materials you will need:

Permanent marker
Sand paper
Steel wool
Power multi-tool
Wood polish (optional)
Thin shoe laces

Step 2: Saw the coconut in two pieces

Picture of Saw the coconut in two pieces
step 5.jpg
step 6.jpg

Saw the coconut in two pieces. Try to make them as even in size as possible.

Slice & remove the (white) edible part of the coconut with a knife.
Use the spoon to help it loosen from its shell.
Use the coconut meat to whip up a coconut cream pie or for some crazy cocktail.

Step 3: Use the sand paper to smooth the edges

Picture of Use the sand paper to smooth the edges
step 8.jpg
step 9.jpg
step 10.jpg

Use the sand paper to smooth the edges of the coconut husk, no pointy edges should exist where the coconut will come in contact with the skin.
It has to be comfortable.
Place the coconut husk in warm water, this will soften the rough part of the husk, rub it with steel wool until you are left with a smooth, clean coconut shell.
Trim any rough edges of the husk with sand paper. A power tool makes the job quicker in less time.

Step 4:

Picture of
step 12.1.jpg
step 13.jpg
step 14.jpg
step 15.jpg
step 16.jpg
step 17.jpg

Choose the final positioning of the bikini top and mark the shells with an oval shape.
This will make the coconut look more like a bikini top. Rather than looking just a coconut cut in half .

Make the cut with the power multi-tool or with a saw. Again trim all the edges with sand paper so it looks and feels smooth.

itobor25256 months ago

Need a model to fully appreciate the finished product.

kun05151 year ago

As a matter of fact,Coconut shell can be eat in some way

I love your idea,but it looks just for A-cup

I can confirm that it is larger than a B cup - probably closer to a C on a small frame. I had something similar once and it had lightweight quilted cloth on the inside and around the edges for comfort.

Vyger1 year ago

So, is this a one size fits all or do your coconuts come in various sizes?

tkjtkj1 year ago


1) Interesting , imaginative concept

2) clearly described construction

3) sexy!!!

What more is necessary!!


danzo3211 year ago

Shoelaces give a slick look, but for an "islands" look, might use leather thong or a fiber rope.

danzo3211 year ago

No point smoothing the edges until you come to the right final edge shape. Breasts stick out of a compound-curving oval cylinder (rib cage) so expect to curve most of the edge.

fixfireleo1 year ago

hmmm....i doubt it would be comfortable and i think you would have to have pretty small breasts to wear it. far more appealing to straight men than anyone else.

menahunie1 year ago

WOW - What a pair of cocnuts..............

very cool, wanted to make one a while ago, but forgot over it. So now I get remembered by this instructable and know what I'll do on the weekend. Thank you.
BLR_RAVI1 year ago
very good idea...but who will wear it...

Psh, I'd totally wear it!

So awesome!

crishrx1 year ago

Great.... :-)

brmarcum1 year ago

Very nice. It doesn't even look real with how clean and shiny it is. Good job.

Great job--perfect with a grass skirt! :)

This is awesome!