Step 1: Stuff and Equipment.

Coconut Shell.
Bamboo Stick.
Wallnut Seed

Bush Knife.
Dremel or Drill.
Sand Paper.

Step 2: Shape.

Picture of Shape.
Trace an oval shape to the coconut shell, and with the dremel remove all the Fluffy thing around, cut and give a Nice Shape.
Keep the small Pieces for your next Coconut Craft.

Step 5: Sand, polish or Varnish.

Picture of Sand, polish or Varnish.
When you finish Sand and Varnish your Creation.
Hope you Like it.
vishalapr3 years ago
Mr.Sanchez (author)  vishalapr3 years ago
Thx...hope you Join the match with awesome projects...!!!
...maybe....maybe not depends on what you prople like!
Browncoat3 years ago
Mr.Sanchez (author)  Browncoat3 years ago
Thn U so much.
Mrballeng3 years ago
Keep up the good work!
Mr.Sanchez (author)  Mrballeng3 years ago
I Will...thx.
bajablue3 years ago
Beautiful work!!!
Mr.Sanchez (author)  bajablue3 years ago
Thnks bajablue...
rimar20003 years ago
Muy bonito! He visto acá en Argentina algunas mujeres usando algo parecido. Acá no hay cocos, los importamos del norte.
Mr.Sanchez (author)  rimar20003 years ago
Al respecto debo decir que acá en Colombia tenemos de todo un poco, en la región donde vivo puedes pasar en dos Horas a clima de Páramo o también al nivel del mar.