Picture of Coconut Headset
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Ooo this is really cool. :D could you try and post an instructable on how you did it so that I can maybe make a pair of my own?
how did you get the coconuts so shiny? is there an Instructable coming up?
garagemonkeysan (author)  yellow thumb4 years ago
The coconuts were sanded down and a clear coated. I am working on another project right now but chris.t.r below is making a pair. Thanks! : )
Untill i do post and instructable though you're welcome to take a look at my first instructable it involves headphones as well
garagemonkeysan (author)  chris.t.r3 years ago
Great idea! : )
Sorry i have been taking so long to finish mine they were almost done the coconuts looked perfect but then i cut one of them crooked and so they got pushed aside when school came around and because i was sad that i ruined them anyways i plan to buy a new coconut and redo the one side and hopefully post it as soon as possible.
laharl154 years ago
Where did you get the headstrap you used for it? Or was it just something you already had lying around?
garagemonkeysan (author)  laharl154 years ago
The headset is from some inexpensive ear protection. I think they are: Peltor H6A/V Optime Noise Reduction Earmuff. I covered them in fabric. Later! : )
Now. Second something. The....metal wirey bar parts in them, do they go straight through, or are the connected otherwise to something on the ends under the padded part of the strap?
Hi. The wires go all the way through the head pad. The wires are spring steel and end in black plastic tubes with a "C" shaped hinge joint. Hope that helps! : )
RSR14 years ago
You have astonishing skills, and ideas, congratulations
garagemonkeysan (author)  RSR14 years ago
Thank you very much! : )
haydenman4 years ago
beautifully made I love the whole Gilligan's island look , do the coconuts add a echo effect to the speakers
garagemonkeysan (author)  haydenman4 years ago
Ha. : )
Hey, i really liked the idea of the coconut headset, and i was just wondering how you put the string/rope around the audio cables.
Thanks! The cotton casing is drawstring cord bought at JoAnn Fabric. I simply pulled the center "guts" out, leaving just the casing. I sealed the ends with Super Glue to prevent fraying. Hint: before cutting for length, wrap cellophane tape around the circumference of the cord first then cut it. Credit for this idea goes to:
Thats Awesome, thanks for the quick reply!
so cool~
Thank you! : )
Justin Lam4 years ago
This is one of the most craftsy-yet-functional projects I have seen. I MUST MAKE THIS! Did you use bamboo for the wood that covers the headphone jacks and all the other detailed pieces?
garagemonkeysan (author)  Justin Lam4 years ago
Thanks! : ) Yup, that is bamboo. The raw material came from bamboo fencing I found in the garden section of my favorite hardware store. : )
waffleman4 years ago
hella sick. but i think it would be cooler if the cloth going across the top of your head and lining your ear pads would be awesome if they were white or a light tan leather.
garagemonkeysan (author)  waffleman4 years ago
Good idea! Thanks! : )
chris.t.r4 years ago
pertaining to my previous comment i know how u said there is already an instructable posted i know there is but he didnt put close to as much detail into his headphones as you did so i would like to see how you made yours.
garagemonkeysan (author)  chris.t.r4 years ago
Thanks. If I ever make a version 2, I'll make sure to make an Instructable. : )
thank you I will keep an eye out for that I only have one question though because I am making my own pair and that is for all the material you used for the headband and for the cushions is it leather and did you sew it by hand or use a sewing machine?
garagemonkeysan (author)  chris.t.r4 years ago
Hi chris.t.r The metal frame comes from off the shelf ear protection. Peltor H9A. Fabricating the pivot hinge is tricky. I just carved them from scrap wood in the same shape of the stock hinge. I made a square hole in the coconuts and used epoxy to secure them. Note, depending on the size of the coconut the headphones can be tight. Mine are! Yes, I did sew both the head band cover and ear muff covers. The material is faux suede. And yes, I used a sewing machine. If that is too much you can always buy replacement ear pads. The bamboo I sourced from Orchard Supply Hardware. In the gardening section they have U shaped bamboo fences. Good luck! Please post when you finish them! : )
thank you very much you have been a great help I am actually starting mine tomorow I'm going to go buy the coconuts sand them and prepare them also I had figured that the band was from ear protectors so I ordered a pair with the same band online for mine though I am going to not put the microphone and I am going to put a 3.5 mm headphone Jack on the right ear and pass the wire through the headband so that that way if the wire breaks at the Jack I just have to buy a new wire and I will make shure to post pictures so that you can see the results.
mikeyx4 years ago
Test sound is how?
garagemonkeysan (author) 4 years ago
Sorry, having problems adding text to this. Here are more details... Here is my take on the famous coconut headphone. and Was inspired after reading The Halo Effect by Phil Rozenzweig. Video: embed
Wow amazing
garagemonkeysan (author)  mikeyx4 years ago
Thanks! : )
thepelton4 years ago
LOL. Somehow, this reminds me of "Gilligan's Island".
Hahahah i was just gonna say it looks like was something the Professor on Gilligan's Island made.
garagemonkeysan (author)  DarkRubyMoon4 years ago
Yoyology below, called it Tikipunk! : )
bADiTCH4 years ago
Flippin' awesome! And when your not wearing them you can use your coconut monkey as a stand.
garagemonkeysan (author)  bADiTCH4 years ago
Yup! : )
chris.t.r4 years ago
I love the headphones you made and I would really like to make a pair of my own and i congratulate you on all your hard work because they came out great but could you please post an instructable so that I can make my own pair.
junits154 years ago
Yous sir are EXTREMELY talented with your hands
thats what she said
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