Coconut Laddoos!!


Introduction: Coconut Laddoos!!

To make these irresistible coconut laddoos you would require :
 250 grams freshly  grated coconut,
2 tablespoon ghee,
approx 150 grams sugar,
2 tablespoon fresh cream,
1 tablespoon cardamom power,
yellow food color (optional).

Step 1: The Procedure:

Heat 2 tablespoon ghee in a pan .
Fry the grated coconut in the ghee for five minutes at a low flame.
Now add whipped cream and fry.
Continue till the mixture is golden brown and an aroma is produced.
Simultaneously, dissolve 150 grams sugar in 1 teacup water and make a moderately thick syrup.
Now slowly add the fried coconut to the syrup and mix well.
Add cardamom powder.
Let it cook.
Add yellow food color if desired.
Make round balls or Laddoos (or square shaped barfis) with the mixture and cover them with dry coconut powder.
Cool and serve.

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