Coconut Planter





Introduction: Coconut Planter

What do you do with that coconut that you cut in half? Make a small planter.

  • Coconut halves
  • Hemp twine
  • Yarn/Craft needle
  • Drill + bit
  • Potting soil
  • Plant

Step 1: First Things First

I only used the "face" half of the coconut because that is where I created my drain hole. If you do not put a hole in the bottom half, you can use it for another project where you would not want a hole.

The inside of the coconut does not have to be very clean.

Use your drill to make 3 holes as equally spaced from each other as possible. Coconuts do not drill easily. Also, make sure you choose a hole size that will accommodate two pieces of twine.

Cut 3 equal lengths of hemp twine. The longer the better because you can always shorten the twine.

Thread your needle with the hemp twine.

Thread each piece of twine through two adjacent holes. (2 lengths should be through each hole when finished.) Thread from inside --> outside --> inside.

Even up the lengths by hand.

Step 2: Plant, Drain, and Hang

Your planter is now ready for soil and a plant.

Use potting soil (or other stuff depending on the plant). Fill it up.

Dampen soil thoroughly.

Insert your plant. I used a succulent. You can also do this step before dampening the soil.

Set your planter on a cup to drain off excess water.

Hang and enjoy.



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    Have grown mint in a couple of these which I have made. Doing well.