Loudspeaker gets mounted into an empty coconut shell. Second life for the shell, improved sound from the speaker.

Step 1: Gather materials

One speaker. 2" dia, which I was using to listen to the output of a few experimental audio amplifiers intended for alarm and warning sounds. Volume was more important than fidelity, so some sort of a resonant enclosure was indicated. It measured about 7.5 ohms with my HiOki digital meter.

One coconut shell. In two halves, with a clean break and no pieces missing. Large enough to accomodate the speaker inside.

One more half shell (optional) for the base, if you do not want your enclosure to roll off the desktop.
I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts
Anyone seen the "Milky Joe" episode of The Mighty Boosh? Creeeeeeepy...
my favorite episode. <br>&quot;can this thig go any faster?!!!!!' <br>&quot;aw, i got a stich!&quot; <br>
Now you can play Jared- the butcher of song!
I have a hollowed coconut shell cut in 2. I use them to make the Monty Python horse sounds like in the Holy Grail. "You're not a real horse, you know. What? You're not a real horse. You're two coconut shell halves, and they banged you together to make the sound of horses' hooves. So?"
But coconuts are tropical! This is a temperate zone!
A swallow could have carried it...
what, an african swallow?
actually, i think it mightve been an albatross
God I just realized how much we're mutilaing these quotes. Also, nice job on the speakers, very original.
i don't like coconuts, do orange skins work?
those thingies look weerd but theyr cool
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