Introduction: Coconut Jewelery Bowls

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This fun easy to make jewelery holder if so useful and costs basically nothing?

Step 1: Crack It!

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Drain the coconut water into a cup.
Using the edge of a heavy knife or kitchen utensel tap along the 'equater' line 3-6 times until the coconut cracks.

Step 2: Take the Flesh Out

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Using a knife or a sharp kitchen utensil get the flesh out of the cracked coconut shell. If you would like, peel off the furry skin of the coconut so that you have a smooth shell and maybe use some sand paper in it!

Step 3: Rinse It!

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Rinse and scrub the shell of the coconut to get the flesh that has stuck on it. So that it is good looking and kind of has a tropical look to it. Dry it off and done!

Step 4: Finished??

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Ever having to go out and buy an expensive jewelery holder? Well now you don't have to!?


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-08-09

That is a great way to use the shell when you are done eating the coconut.


Have you made it yet?

I am currently working on a different kind of jewelry holder for my wife, but I will definitely try it at some point in the future.


There are lots of jewellery holders on this web, I hope you become successful, What have you made?

I am work with a sheet of brass with decorative hole patterns punched in it. This is for earrings where you can just fit the hooks through the holes in the metal.

Awesome idea! For my earrings I have made a little clay jewellery bowl. Multi coloured looks best and it's so handy.

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