Picture of Code Geass themed coat rack
One day, one of my friends at the office wished she had somewhere to hang her coat. I then noticed our office wall had a bunch of unused wall plugs in them, (Don't ask me why though; they've always been there..) and I thought to myself: "Hm, two of those plugs just happen to be in exactly the right spot for hanging a coat rack... Should I..? Nahh.." *several weeks later* ..aaand then there was a coat rack in our office :)

Since we're into anime, the coat rack ended up being themed around a most-excellent anime series called Code Geass. However, when you're making something based on some existing series, one of my rules is that you should try to make it such that it's enjoyable for everyone, even if you don't know the series. It doesn't have to be blatantly obvious that this coat rack is based on Code Geass. Instead, you can make it your little secret that's hiding in plain sight, waiting for someone "on the inside" to be discovered :) With that said, enough with the introduction already; ikimashou!

Table of contents:
  • Tools and materials
  • Making the front panel
  • Cutting the Geass symbol
  • Making the back panel
  • Making coat hooks
  • Putting it all together
  • Making wall mounts
  • Finishing touches
gama19981 year ago

This is a really good instructable, congratulations. One of this days i will try to make one.

timmolderez (author)  gama19981 year ago

Thanks! Have fun making your first instructable :)

BMXCra5h1 year ago

That looks like a really cool coat rack. Nice craftsmanship.

timmolderez (author)  BMXCra5h1 year ago

Thanks! :)