Picture of Coffee Bag Wallet
Yet another wallet inspired by theRIAA's paper wallet, but with a bit of a twist I think. I've made mine out of a much more durable 1 pound coffee bag. The material can be a bit finicky, but only one extra step gets you a very durable and stylish wallet. It might not be as simple to make but I've had people freak out over my wallet. One lady even gave me a hug when I gave her an extra one I had.

Materials you will need for this instructable:

Used 1 pound coffee bag
exacto knife or scissors
clear tape
curved needle
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Step 1: Preparation

Picture of Preparation
First you should tear open your bag of choice down the back seam all the way to the bottom and complete unfold it. Be careful at the bottom as it can tear easily. Once open, clean your bag of any left over coffee debris. I don't use soap. Just a quick blast from my sinks sprayer is enough usually. Dry your bag off and lay it face down to remove the air valve. Just pry it off with your fingers. Be careful here too because it can tear.

Step 2: Cut the bag down to size

Picture of Cut the bag down to size
Take a piece of paper and fold it to match the one shown in the picture (I'm sure you DIYers can handle that). The square marked front will always be the front of your wallet, so make sure it is positioned over what you want to appear on the outside. I like to cut out the bag about 1/4 of an inch bigger than an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. I usually eyeball this step but you anal retentive types will surely break out your rulers. Once you've cut out your sheet, set the piece of paper to this side until you make your next wallet.

Step 3: Origami like

Picture of Origami like
Fold the bag in half (press firmly for a good crease), open it up and then fold the ends toward the center (PRESS FIRMLY!) Fold the bag on the center fold again, then fold it in half in the other direction.
uasmmx2 years ago
This is my fist time using the sewing machine!, thanks to my mother who teach me to use it!, I'm very happy!!
Seattle's Best Cinnabon coffee wallet. Unfortunately i had a 12 oz bag and wasn't able to get the exact front i wanted but i am still pleased with it! :D
completegeek (author)  illdoyourdrugs4 years ago
That's awesome. That must smell delicious.
Thanks and it sure does smell delicious. Its amazing how LONG the smell manages to last. I've have a ton of compliments on this wallet along with some good conversation. Thank you.
maeve5 years ago
You should totally sell these on cool. I made something like this, but instead of a coffe bag, I laminated a collage I made out of magazine pictures. My sewing machine had a bit of trouble getting through it though (there was no way I could sew through it by hand)... maybe next time I'll just put the collage in a plastic pocket! Great idea!

completegeek (author)  maeve4 years ago
I did sell a few on etsy actually. Just didn't have the time to keep it up.
Vijster14 years ago
great version of theRIAA'S wallet. I love mine, though i didnt use the last step, and i cut the bag to exact paper dimensions
KittyF5 years ago
I think this idea would be such a great gift for a coffee lover, esp.   I'm going to see if my six year old grandson likes this and if he does I might try doing it with those drink bags that are so convenient for trips in the summer.   Thanks, kitty
KittyF5 years ago
Maybe I'm blind but I don't see a cut and I'm not picturing where you're cutting.   an extra photo, a less blurry photo or a diagram might be of some help here.   Thanks
lozartist5 years ago
Oh man. I work at an SBC and could get a boatload of used bags for this. I should do one with a 5 lb bag for kicks. It would be huge.
javajunkie6 years ago
I absolutely LOVE your idea!!! I hate throwing out those bags, and can now have a collection of all of my favorite roasts!!! Thanks so much for the tutorial!!!
just finished my wallet and it's amazing!! thanks i can't wait to make more :)
completegeek (author)  inspirebysilence6 years ago
Glad you like it. I still can't believe how much people freak out about them.
After reading your instructable I literally raised my fists in tightwad DIY joy and immediately started searching for someplace to put our coffee so I can have the bag. Thank you for the grin.
completegeek (author)  fought piranhas6 years ago
Glad to hear it. I've lost count of the number of wallets I've made so far. My local starbucks just loves them and I've done dozens for Christmas presents.
Sunbanks6 years ago
We have some Starbucks bags around here that I might try this with. The wallets you made look great!
dkfa6 years ago
This doesn't go in the pie contest but nice job
completegeek (author)  dkfa6 years ago
LOL. yeah, I got click happy. That would fall more under coffee cake now that I think about it.
asyrith6 years ago
I would love to see a pic of the Starbucks wallet as well. This is a really great idea, by the way. I loves me some coffee. lol.
completegeek (author)  asyrith6 years ago
Starbucks bags look great by themselves. As wallets they really pop. People notice them, that's for sure.
theRIAA6 years ago
your money would always smell like coffee.... this is awesome.
completegeek (author)  theRIAA6 years ago
It does actually! It keeps it's smell for quite a while. I've been using the Dunkin Donuts wallet for about 3 months now and It still smells like coffee. That or my butt smells like coffee, and as much as I drink that may be entirely plausible.