Step 5: Assemble Earrings

Simply connect all the pieces...
  • Place piece from Step 4 on hook
  • Attach bail to the other end
  • Hold bail with pliers and line up with the hole drilled through the coffee bean
  • Gently close bail with pliers, leaving enough space to allow bean to move a little

These are so cute!! :D I wanna try making them for my mom, but I can't figure out about the bails, do you know another name for them or something? I'm Danish, and I really can't figure out what they're called... Can't even find the right things when I look at English sites?
<p>they are called pinch bails and you can find all kinds on ebay</p>
The earring are really cool! I know a few people who will love them. But I have to say, I love the mug! Good to see other supporters of Democracy Now!
Here the are ! The are awesom thanks for sharing !
This is such a cute idea!
What a great idea! They are so cute!
Nice work. Beautiful earrings.
Rather than the expense of shellac try clear nail varnish - even comes with a brush!
That would be easier, I just like shellac : )<br><br>If using nail polish, I'd hang them up to dry rather than set them out, so they won't stick.
Very nice, clear and complete instructions! <br><br>I have one small question about the final assembly. You recommend putting together the whole earring chain first, then crimping the bail closed over the bean. Would it be more difficult to attach the bean to the bail first, then chain everything together?
Thanks! Since there are so few pieces, I think attaching them in any order would be about the same.
They are so cute! I so want to make a pair right now :)
OMG those are so cute!

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