Introduction: Coffee Bean Trivia Shell - Pendants for Men

These Coffee Bean Trivia Shell - Pendants is homemade. Anyone can make these kind of pendants in less time.


Step 1: Coffee Bean Trivia Shell

Take one beautiful "Coffee Bean Trivia Shell" for pendant.

Step 2: Fevi Kwik

Need one "Fevi Kwik" to stick the nylon thread and coffee bean trivia shell.

Step 3: Scissor

Need one "Scissor" for cutting edges of nylon thread.

Step 4: Nylon Thread

Need one "Nylon Thread" to make a pendants. Hera, a & b is the edges of nylon thread. Cut the edges with scissor to insert in the gap of coffee bean trivia shell.

Step 5: Nylon Thread & Coffee Bean Trivia Shell

After inserting a nylon thread edges in the gap of coffee bean trivia shell, Now, use "Fevi kwik" put some glue drops on the gap of the shell. It will dry very quickly.

Step 6: Use Knot

After drying of glue than knot the nylon thread near coffee bean trivia shell.

Step 7: Project Comleted

Now, watch in photo. It looks like that. These the pendants for men.


dan3008 (author)2015-03-09

I've never seen this type of shell described as a "coffee bean trivia shell" But that said, I can see the resembelance. Nice work :)

lionmartyn333 (author)dan30082015-03-23

See the shells in google images. click on link :

lionmartyn333 (author)2015-03-09

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