When grilling just a couple of burgers, hotdogs, sausages, ... it seems overkill to haul out the big grill. I wanted a more portable, compact, efficient hibachi-like grill. I got the idea to make a grill out of a can when I saw plans for making a soup can grill. (I can no longer find the article, but thanks to that author for the inspiration.) This little grill is tough, cooks fast, and economical.

Step 1: Parts

Parts list:
* 1 coffee can
* 1 stainless steel cooling rack (about $6)
* 4 long bolts with wing nuts (about $2)
* 4 short bolts with nuts (about $1)
* Few inches of utility wire (scrap will do)

Regular nuts can be used instead of wing nuts, but the wing nuts allow the legs to be detached for more compact transport.
Would there be a difference without the fire grate?
Without the fire grate, the bottom of the coals will not ignite, and the coals will not produce as much heat. I think it grilling sans fire grate would still be OK.

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