This is how I made a usb cantenna with a coffee can. Simple and effective enough to gain 1 or 2 bars. Sorry bout the cr@ppy pics.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Items needed:

11.5oz coffee can
Usb Wifi Adapter w/ or w/o usb cradle
Metal hanger

Tools needed:

Razor knife to cut can with. I'm not blessed with a dremel. :(
Needle nose pliers and/or wire cutters
Duct tape because it has a light and a dark side
<p>greaaaaaaaat job !!!! please can you help me to make a cantenna for cdma evedo</p><p>1.9 ghz ?????? !!!!!!!</p>
I have a WiFi card for a PCMCIA slot. What would you do to adapt this basic antenna for use with my card? I went for decades without a Dremel. I thought I would never use one. Then I inherited the one belonging to my father-in-law after he died. I am amazed at how much I use it. See my Instructable on enlarging the arbor hole in a saw blade so it fits a Sawsmith radial arm saw. Let family and friends know you would like to save cash gifts until you can buy one.
I don't think this cantenna design would be suitable for a pcmcia type card, but... there's always a 'but'... I've googled it and found a 'corner antenna' involving a slim cd case, library card, some tinfoil, and glue. If that type of antenna works, I guess one could potentially use other common types (parabolic) with some success, also. Another idea I had was wrapping some copper wire around the end of the card a few times and leaving the end up as a sort of dipole. I'm new to antenna building/design, so don't take my word as gospel, but if you try anything that works, spread the word. Good luck to you!
Thanks for the reply and the information.
if you can open the end casing on the card, there MAY be a hidden pigtail connector. if there is, you could get the corresponding pigtail connector for your card, make a hole to keep it exposed, and then use a google search to identify the manner of pigtail you need. then its a simple matter of hitting up a local shop or online shop or ebay to find it!
Ingles rules! Slinkyfied, you live in WNC?
SC actually but its all good.

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