Coffee Coin Table





Introduction: Coffee Coin Table

In this day and age, saving change is a must & this table makes saving simple and supportive (because its a table).

Step 1: .

After sketching it out in my head, I made my cuts then sanded, stained, and polyurethaned  all the wood which was reclaimed or leftover.

While waiting on the wood to dry, I took an old broke brass drain cover and cut out one of the slots. After much filing, sanding, & polishing, it turned into a nice looking coin slot.

When the wood was dry, I cut a hole in the table top for the coin slot. 

Step 2: ..

Next I built the coin box and the bracket that holds it up, then I attached the legs and was done.  

The building of this table was an amazing journey & i'm a richer man because of it (because it saves money). 



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    My brother-in-law has a gambling table of a type that was fairly common in bars back in the late 1800s. They were often made by breweries and provided to bars in the same way modern breweries provide tap handles and bar signs. At any rate there is a slot in the center and a can underneath for collecting the bar's take - each hand of poker cost the table a certain amount and a coin would be dropped into the slot out of each ante. I love this table. Good work!

    I absolutely love this and as soon as I find a way to get a few pallets this is on my list. But I will add 2 more slots. One will be mommy and daddy's for that special night and the other will be for the boys. Help them save.

    most stores will have them. not to hard to ask. njust make u wash off any crap thats there 4 first tho.

    Buen aporte y sabio consejo...sobre el ahorro

    Please tell me what stain you used because that is an absolutely gorgeous finish.


    You can use the money that you saved in it, to buy a new table after you cut that one open to get the money out! Very clever...

    Great idea. Good instructable. Funny wit.

    This is awesome if you are looking for a nice way to hide your money