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In this instructable I show how I made mug warmers made of felt. I just thought about it, and actually it's not really true to call them mug warmers, since they don't warm the mug, or keep the stuff in the mug warmer, they actually only prevent my fingers from being burnt, when I drink out of these mugs without handles. So it should actually rather be called "finger protection". Well, whatever, it's very easy to do, and doesn't take a lot of time. I think it's a nice present, especially now, in the cold winter days. All you need is: 
  • Thick felt (approximately 5 mm thick, I bought 5 different colors)
  • Thin felt (for the decorative part) (I used colors that would match the colors from the thicker felt)
  • Sewing machine (also possible to sew it by hand)

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Step 1: Cut the felt components

Picture of Cut the felt components
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Measure the circumference of your mugs. Usually the ones without handle are a bit conically shaped, meaning the circumference above is slightly larger than the one below. Make sure your mug warmers are approximately 1.5 cm (above) and 2.5 cm (below) longer than the circumference of the mug.

I took the mugs from IKEA, which have, I hope, standard size.

Cut out a rectangular piece of  from the thick felt (for me: 26.5 x 6 cm). This is the basis for the mug warmer, depending on how many you would like to make, you can cut out more pieces. 

After that, you can think of shapes to decorate the mug warmers. I took a star, a crown, a hedgehog, a heart and a bee. To find nice shapes, it might be helpful to think of your family members and what shape fits them most (like the crown for the boss of the house for example).

Now sketch the shapes onto the thinner felt and cut them out. If you don't feel comfortable drawing the shapes free-handed, you might want to use cookie cutter as a template.
ChrysN2 years ago
Cute, i have a few handle-less mugs that could really use these.
Nozebra (author)  ChrysN2 years ago
Thank you for your commen! I am just enjoying a hot tee with my new mug warmers, they seem to do thier job :).
TheManse2 years ago
Cool thingies! Hate it when handle-less mugs are served with scalding yummies in them and I burn my fingers (yup, I'm a wuss)! Enjoyed watching you make them in your "podcast", and now I know how you actually do what you do! Thanks for sharing :)
Nozebra (author)  TheManse2 years ago
Thank you! I am happy you like them!