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Introduction: Coffee Cubes

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In this instructable I will show you how to simplify your coffee routine with coffee cubes. We've all been in a hurry, fixed a cup of coffee and then experienced the agony of not being able to drink it because it is too hot. I'm going to show you how to keep your coffee at the perfect temperature (hot or cold) without sacrificing the integrity of your coffee's flavor with watery ice cubes. Let's get started!

Step 1: What You'll Need:

-A pot of room temperature coffee. I used Mexican Chiapas. (Yum)
-Your favorite creamer or flavor shot
-Ice cube tray

That's it. You should have all these things on hand if you are a coffee drinker and use ice.

Step 2: Brew Coffee and Wait.

Step 1.

Brew your coffee and wait for it to cool down. It doesn't have to be room temperature, but I find that burns are less likely if it is cooler.

Step 3: Mix Liquids.

This is where your personal preferences come into play. Typically people drink coffee in three basic ways.
1.Coffee with cream and sugar=cold coffee and creamer mixed together
2.Black coffee with flavor shot=cold coffee and a flavor shot
3. Black=cold coffee

I've done all three because sometimes you want cold coffee and sometimes you don't. The great thing about these cubes is that as they melt they only add flavor and more coffee to your cup. 

Step 4: Pour in Tray.

Now that you have your mixed liquids just pour them into the ice tray.

Step 5: Place in Freezer and Wait.


Step 6: Enjoy.

Now that they are done you can use them how you want. If you are in a hurry and want to cool your coffee from scalding to drinkable in seconds pop in a couple of coffee cubes and you're ready to go. Want to make sure that your ice coffee ratio stays all coffee and no water to ensure that sweet coffee goodness hits your tongue then pop in a couple of coffee cubes. You will no longer have to burn your tongue or water down your coffee. It's cheap. It's easy. It's perfect. I hope you enjoy.



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    I've been making black coffee cubes for years to cool down my coffee a bit in the mornings. My husband laughs at me because he drinks his coffee scalding hot. I'm sure he can't really taste the flavor that way! Anaway, your Intractable was great! I will try to make some with creamer too.

    I do this with my Klingon Raktagino coffee for an Iced Raktagino

    I used this for creamer and saw that it never fully froze? and it has sort of an ice cream texture which makes a bit of a mess. I'm just using a $2 plastic ice cube try from Walmart so what is making it not work very well? or is there a way to get the cubes out in an actual cube shape?


    I tried to do this with creamer because I LOVE THE IDEA but my creamer ice cubes didn't freeze hard? They were soft and I had to spoon them out of the tray and made a mess. I've always added ice cubes to my coffee because I can't drink it hot hot and woul live to know what I did wrong. I used a silicone heart shaped cube tray, could it be the silicone or because the cubes aren't very big?


    I tried this a couple of years ago with disastrous results. I froze black coffee and the cubes came out so sticky the would not come out of the tray. I could not even pry them out. They were a sticky, crystalized goo. What went wrong?

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    I'm not sure. Was it a flavored coffee? Maybe the flavoring had something to do with the stickiness. If it was just plain black, unflavored coffee I have no idea why it would do that. Sorry.

    Smart idea! Will definitely share this with my husband as he is a truly coffee drinker! Thanks!


    lol This never occurred to me and I make peppermint tea icecubes in the summer! Gonna be doing this, thanks :o)

    Go to the fridge, pick up the ice tray, unmold one cube ... and your coffee went from hot to warm. Drop your cube and it will be cold.

    At the risk of overcomplicating it, for the coffee cubes you would do better to cool the coffee quickly, so put it in a cold/ice water bath, otherwise it will stew a bit.

    The ultimate thing is probably to pour the fresh coffee onto dry ice or liquid nitrogen, that way you capture the full flavour.

    Great stuff!
    Last summer I started doing exactly this. My reasons were different though. I got obsessed with iced coffees... but they can get expensive. I tried making them at home only to discover they'd get watery with the ice. SO, I started making coffee ice cubes and tea ice cubes. My brother came one day and had a cup of coffee. He takes it black, so it was way hot. I offered him a coffee ice cube and I think he thought I was a nut to have them! He took one and was amazed!
    Thanks for the great 'ible!

    That is very clever, thanks for sharing! Well done on the pictures as well, I got a laugh out of you staring at your watch.

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    Thanks! I was hoping someone besides me would laugh.

    The idea was totally simple - you could have gotten away with one page and two pictures. Instead, you added personality and detail and humor. I loved it. Your effort means I'll remember this idea! It will work just the same for tea, which is what I'm currently drinking. Thanks for the effort and the morning laugh. (Love the staring at the watch to signify "wait". Love it!)

    Aaaaaand . . . Tea Cubes! Doesn't roll off the tongue like Coffee Cubes, but they seem to work. Mine are made from skim milk and artificial sweetener, and weirdly they sunk to the bottom of the cup, but they did the job!


    Really glad you enjoyed it and that I wasn't the only one laughing at those pictures.