Hello, all. I heard about the Coffee Cup Challenge, and as a self-proclaimed tree-hugger, I just had to do an 'ible! My first on at that. So, I laid back in my bed and
thought about what I could do, when I realized...my freakin' ceiling fan had no light bulb cover. So, I was being blinded. This led me to make my very own coffee cup
chandelier. =] The process is VERY simple and VERY fast. Could take about 10-15 minutes if you aren't watching your husband...or wife play Call of Duty. Enjoy.

Step 1: Materials

What you'll need:

A various amount of paper coffee cups (please do not go buy the cups, it defeats to purpose of recycling).  I had 32, but only used 7.  I will add more to my chandelier later, to make it more spherical and well.  Pretty.




Either a lamp without a shade or a lamp with one of those paper ball lampshades.  I used my bare ceiling fan light.

Edit:  Make sure to use a low volt lightbulb, mine is a like a 10 watt energy efficient one.  This will eliminate me having to make a 'ible on rebuilding your house after it catches fire. =P

<p>Nice. I'm not sure your photos do it justice.</p>
&nbsp;i dont get this?
What are you confused on? =]&nbsp; So i can make my 'ible better.<br />
&nbsp;isn't it dangerous though? won't the light bulb over heat and cause the lightbulbs to catch fire?
I forgot to include using a low watt bulb.&nbsp; Mine is a 10 watt energy efficient one.&nbsp; And mine was only close to the bulb as a demonstration.&nbsp; I will later be adding more cups, thus making it more spherical.&nbsp; This would bring the cups further away from the bulb.<br />

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