Picture of Coffee Cup Chandelier
Hello, all. I heard about the Coffee Cup Challenge, and as a self-proclaimed tree-hugger, I just had to do an 'ible! My first on at that. So, I laid back in my bed and
thought about what I could do, when I realized...my freakin' ceiling fan had no light bulb cover. So, I was being blinded. This led me to make my very own coffee cup
chandelier. =] The process is VERY simple and VERY fast. Could take about 10-15 minutes if you aren't watching your husband...or wife play Call of Duty. Enjoy.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Photo on 2010-05-07 at 22.52.jpg
What you'll need:

A various amount of paper coffee cups (please do not go buy the cups, it defeats to purpose of recycling).  I had 32, but only used 7.  I will add more to my chandelier later, to make it more spherical and well.  Pretty.




Either a lamp without a shade or a lamp with one of those paper ball lampshades.  I used my bare ceiling fan light.

Edit:  Make sure to use a low volt lightbulb, mine is a like a 10 watt energy efficient one.  This will eliminate me having to make a 'ible on rebuilding your house after it catches fire. =P

Step 2: I'm such a cutter...of cups.

Picture of I'm such a cutter...of cups.
Photo on 2010-05-07 at 23.05.jpg
Start to cut the bottoms off of your collected paper cups.  This proved a bit difficult, as it's hard to follow the curve of the cup with scissors.  I late found out the just poking a hole and tearing the bottoms off worked much better and faster.  Do what you feel is easier.
brookefox1 year ago

Nice. I'm not sure your photos do it justice.

badassboi5 years ago
 i dont get this?
KandKsilas (author)  badassboi5 years ago
What are you confused on? =]  So i can make my 'ible better.
sfcsarah5 years ago
 isn't it dangerous though? won't the light bulb over heat and cause the lightbulbs to catch fire?
KandKsilas (author)  sfcsarah5 years ago
I forgot to include using a low watt bulb.  Mine is a 10 watt energy efficient one.  And mine was only close to the bulb as a demonstration.  I will later be adding more cups, thus making it more spherical.  This would bring the cups further away from the bulb.