Picture of Coffee Cup Prank
The materials you need are simple:
1. A coffee cup that you don't care much about
2. A fairly strong magnet. I'm going to use a hard drive magnet
3. Clear packing tape
4. Your car
5. A trip to the drive through at McDonald's, Burger King, or Dunkin Donuts, etc

Step 1: Make it

Picture of Make it
Turn the coffee cup over and place the magnet in the center on the bottom of the cup. The magnet keeps the mug in place on your car while you drive.
blodefood3 years ago
Some have said this is dangerous. You could drive to the coffee shop and just as you are coming into the parking lot, put it on the roof and drive slowly to your parking spot. For maximum effect. dribbles of coffee down the sides will make it look like you used the cup.
Haha. You should put the other magnet from the hard drive on the inside of the cup as well, less likely for the cup to fall off then.
kutil4 years ago
Hey man ! It is really DANGEROUS ! ... i warn everybody not to try this trick !
Lizzle25 (author)  kutil4 years ago
It's not that DANGEROUS!
this is dangerous the cup can fall and hit another car causing an accident
Lizzle25 (author)  lord_kian4 years ago
I did put in the instructable that you need to drive slow because it could cause an accident. I'm not expecting someone to drive down the highway going 80 with a coffee cup on their car.