Coffee Cup Splash Guard


Introduction: Coffee Cup Splash Guard

It's getting cold outside. Nothing better than a hot drink on a cold morning. Nothing worse than a splash on bumpy road or a start and stop commute. Here is a reuse for yesterday's paper cup. Keep that fresh morning look, clean interior, and some perfectly good skin.

What you'll need;

Paper coffee cup


Xacto blade or good scissors

Pencil or pen

Height adjustment tool (stack of paper or book will do)

Step 1: Resizing Yesterday's Cup

Wash and dry yesterday's paper cup with a suitable cleanser. Place cup on flat surface with book or paper stack next to it (suggest about 2" high for a 16 ounce cup). Place a pencil or pen on the top of the stack and rotate the cup making a even height mark. Cut cup down to size using a utility blade or sharp scissors. Neatness counts but is not a deal breaker! Keep the upper section of the cup and discard the base or use it for holding misc. small items.

Step 2: Creating Baffles in the Remaining Section of Cup

With a scissor or a utility blade make two vertical cuts about 3/4 to 1 inch wide to within 1 inch of rim of cup. Now starting from the vertical cut make diagonal cuts from base to within 1/2 inch of rim. Space cuts about 1/2 inch apart. Repeat until you have cut from around cup to other vertical cut. Fold tab made by vertical cuts parallel to rim. Fold diagonal tabs one after another creating a bowl. Next fold cup baffle in flat and place in ziplock bag until needed. To use place baffle in cup the same size as original cup.

Step 3:



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    doesn't the coffee leak out of the space between the two cups when you try to drink it?

    1 reply

    Seems like it would. I guess your lower lip would catch the drippin's. Good idea though.