In this instructable you will learn how how to a make great speaker out of a coffee cup. This speaker will connect through a headphone jack and is very good for playing songs for friends loudly. This will produce more sound than just putting a headphone in a cup and will only cost you about a dollar more. Credit to fungus amungus and some others that have made stuff like this for the idea. I hope you find this helpful and please vote for me in the coffee cup contest.

Step 1: What You Need

Scissors or Wire Cutters
Soldering Iron (If you want)
Electrical Tape
Coffee Cup (Any Size)
Musical Card

Hey, I have that same MP3!<br>
Lol awesome! I bet not many still do!
I had one like that (best 2 or 3 bucks I ever spent at the firehouse yardsale) and loved it, then my mom took it and used it for work, then my dad took it and threw it against a wall. We still haven't found it and we cant remember what brand it was. This may sound weird, but what's the brand name of that one? we're wanting to get another one. (we've seen em on ebay when mine was still working)
Lol awesome story! Its the Zen V Plus by the company Creative. I hope you can still find one!
Thank you so much we can finally get it replaced! :D
That's too bad, replaced with IPod :(

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